Balete, Batangas

Balete was a former barrio of the City of Lipa. Based on the stories handed down by old folks, BALETE trees were very abundant in this place during the early days when there were still few settlers therein. As time goes by, that place came to be known as Balete”. The first residents of Balete were Jose Magapi & his family. After the eruption of Taal Volcano in 1911, the well-known real state property owner of Looc, Balete were brothers Venancio & Ricardo Macasaet. Also famous honored and obeyed during that time was Pablo Maralit who resided in Barrio Makina.

During the period between 1910 & 1969, the following Teniente del Barrio handed Balete successively:

  1. Federico Dimaano 8. Policarpio Umali

  2. Ricardo Macasaet 9. Vecinte Enriquez

  3. Apolonio Boa 10. Hospicio Nipay

  4. Sixto Africa 11. Petronilo Maya

  5. Maximo Cabrera 12. Prancisco Lunar

  6. Raymundo Javier 13. Cirilo Pasia

  7. Martin Nipay 14.Hospicio Ramirez

On June 21, 1969 the Congress of the Philippines enacted Republic Act No. 5659 creating Balete into a municipality with 13 barangays comprising it namely: Alangilan, Calawit, Looc, San Sebastian, Solis, Makina, Sala, Sampalocan, Magapi, Malabanan, Paligawan, Palsara & Poblacion.


Hospicio M. Ramirez 1972-1994

2. Amado D. Roxas 1994-2000

3. David D. Pamplona 2000-2008

4. Marissa G. Reyes 2008-June 30-2010

5. Leovino O. Hidalgo July 1, 2010-June 10, 2017
6. Hon. Wilson V. Maralit June 10, 2017- present