Local Civil Registrar

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0999 702 3189



  • Registration of Live Birth

    • Timely Registration

    • Delayed Registration of Live Birth

  • Registration of Marriage

    • Timely Registration of Marriage

    • Delayed Registration of Marriage

  • Registration of Death/Fetal Death

    • Timely Registration of Death

    • Delayed Registration of Death

  • Issuance of Certified Transcript or Copy Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate and Other Civil Registry Documents

  • Out of Town Registration of Birth, Marriage and Death

  • Issuance of Marriage License

  • Processing Petition for Change of First Name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Errors (CCE) Under Republic Act 9048 (Direct or Migrant)

  • Processing Petition for Correction of Clerical and Typographical Error in Birth Month and Date of Birth and Sex of a Person in the Certificate of Live Birth RA 10172

  • Endorsement of Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate to the Office of the Civil Registration

  • Supplemental Reporting in the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate

  • Registration of Legal Instruments/Legitimation of Child Republic Act 9858 (Legitimation of Children Born to Minor Parenty Republic Act 9255 or Affidavit to use the Surname of the Father (AUSF) and Acknowledgement)

  • Registration of Certificate of Foundling/Abandoned Children

  • Processing of Certificate of Live Birth of an Adopted Child.

  • Processing Annotation on correction through RA9048/10172 Court Order

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